Mufflers and Exhaust

How does your car sound when you turn the ignition? How about when you're running the kids to soccer practice? Are you ever cruisin' downtown on a Friday night? Your car's personality is a reflection of you more than you know! No matter if you're driving a Dodge Challenger S/RT, a minivan, or a truck, you want your vehicle to sound good, ride smooth and meet all of the Idaho Emissions Guidelines.

Which of the following statements fits your personality?

  • My car purrs like a kitten and roars like a lion!
  • My truck has some muscle, not The Incredible Hulk, more like Aquaman!
  • I drive a family minivan, my wife likes the way it sounds and I lost my manhood years ago!

At Boise Muffler, we make sure that your stock exhaust systems are running the way they were designed. We tailor your custom system to perform well and sound the way you want. We have custom tailpipe options that enhance the beauty of your vehicle. Come and see us for all of your Exhaust needs, from repairs to complete overhauls, Boise Muffler has been doing quality work since 1984. You can't beat our experience! Just look at our reviews and ask our past customers.

Stock Replacement Mufflers - Universal Exhaust Systems

Q. Does your vehicle sputter, hiss, rattle, vibrate, or smoke? Does your exhaust have any odors, smell like gas, or do you see smoke from under the car or from your tailpipe? Is your car louder than expected?

A. If you experience any of these then you should have us take a look and provide an estimate. Keeping your stock system working at peak efficiency will stop embarrassing sounds from leaving your tailpipe and help with the environment. But we only work on cars, we're sorry we can't help your husband!

We carry many aftermarket exhaust brands.

  • Walker Exhaust Systems
  • Ansa Exhaust Products
  • AP exhaust products
  • API
  • Bosal Exhaust
  • Flo-Pro

Custom Exhaust Systems and High-Performance Products

High-Performance Exhaust systems add flair and aesthetics to your vehicle. While we love working on classic and muscle cars, you don't have to have a show car to upgrade your car's personality. If you rev your engine at a stoplight and expect to hear a Tiger and you hear a "Meow?", you might want to slink down in your seat and then drive straight to Boise Muffler!

For all your performance needs we carry many lines, whether it's performance mufflers, headers, or intake systems. We have you covered.

  • Flowmaster - stock and performance
  • Magnaflow
  • Dynomax
  • Doug's Header
  • JBA
  • Headman
  • Doug Thorley
  • Sanderson's headers
  • K-N Cold Air Intakes

Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter, or a cat, is an exhaust emission control device that converts the various toxic gases created from burning fuel into less-toxic ones. When a cat goes bad you'll experience reduced engine performance, a rattling noise underneath your vehicle, and possibly the check engine light. Catalytic converters are also a cause of emissions failure. We carry direct fit and universal catalytic converters.

The lines we carry include:

  • AP Exhaust
  • Magnaflow Performance
  • Walker
  • Davico
  • Eastern Catalytic Converter

Boise Muffler Team